Planning report

April 2017


Dangerous debris left in unfenced construction site


clemes construction

After CCRA’s Rob Elbertsen made inquiries to the councillor’s office, the dangerous construction site at Centennial and Clemes was cleaned up and a fence was built around it.


By Rob Elbertsen


Some residents may have seen a CityNews live broadcast on Feb. 27 from the development site at Clemes Dr. and Centennial Rd. Prior to airing the report, the CityNews crew on site advised that they were there to report on concerns received from one or more residents regarding the unsafe condition of the site.


The site is next to St. Brendan Catholic School, which has a large amount of pedestrian traffic in the area – particularly children – throughout the day. Installation of sewer, water and hydro services appeared to have been completed, but subsequent construction of the homes has not begun.  The site, which was not fenced, was found to have dangerous construction materials and other unsafe debris scattered about.


An inquiry about this situation was forwarded to Councillor Ron Moeser’s office, specifically whether any prior complaints regarding the site had been received, and whether there was a known reason for the apparent delay in the home construction.  The councillor’s office advised that no resident complaints had been received by them, and they were not aware of a reason for the fact that construction had not begun on the planned homes.


In response to our inquiry the councillor’s office requested an update on the status of the site from Municipal Licensing and Standards (Property Standards). On March 3, MLS advised that they had contacted the property owner regarding the unsafe debris on the site, as well as the need for fencing. The owner subsequently removed the debris, and by the following week fencing had been installed around the property. 


The builder has recently initiated the building permit application process with the city. It’s expected that barring any unforeseen issues, approvals will be issued and construction of the homes could begin later this spring or early summer.


Residents are commended for raising awareness of this issue, and are encouraged to bring any similar issues to the attention of Councillor Moeser’s office, as well as the CCRA.


The CityNews report on the problem can be seen here: